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There are many beautiful sights to see in BC and the ideal way to see them is in an RV rental from Vancouver. Enjoy the rugged mountains of the Rockies, near Revelstoke; the wild shores of Vancouver Island at Tofino, or simply relax along side one of the many splendid lakes in the interior of British Columbia.

Golf some of the world's finest courses or view the abundant wildlife. British Columbia is a land where "the things to see and do" are as diverse as the landscape, it's people, and your imagination.

An ideal tour of BC by motorhome is the Coastal Mountain Circle Tour. From the comfort of your motorhome this tour explores the mountains and canyons that make BC a world renowned place of wilderness beauty. This tour is approx 600 Kms and takes 2 to 4 days. From Vancouver, take Hwy 99 North up the scenic fjord of Howe sound. Sights on this stretch include the Britannia Mining Museum, and Shannon Falls, Canada's third largest waterfall. Three times the height of Niagara Falls, and right beside the highway, this park is worth a stop.

The city of Squamish is famous for windsurfing, and the vertical bluffs offer rock climbers great opportunities for climbing.

Hwy 99 then turns inland to the world famous Whistler resort where you can snow ski year round. Mountain biking, golfing, fine dining and nightclubs are other attractions of this area.

From Pemberton, the highway becomes the Duffy Lake Road and winds through the most spectacular of the Coast Mountain peaks, where you leave the coastal forests and abruptly enter the rain shadow of British Columbia's interior. (Caution: this section has steep grades). Duffey Lake Provincial Park provides a close look at the dramatic transition between these two climates.

The town of Lillooet dates back to the Cariboo Gold Rush. Head northeast on Hwy 99 as the road twists through the cliffs of the Fraser River Benchlands. Along the dry, scrubby valley walls sit natural shelves formed centuries ago when they were the river's bed. After ages of erosion the Fraser has cut deep into the canyon leaving these benches high above the river.

At the junction of highway 99 and 97, visit Historic Hat Creek Ranch. Get a taste of early pioneering life, and then turn south towards Cache Creek. Known for its old west aura, the town was a stopover for travellers of the arduous Gold Rush Trail. Follow Highway 1 and the Thompson River south where the canyons only grow steeper and narrower.

At the town of Lytton, the Thompson and Fraser Rivers meet at a spectacular confluence Adventure guides offer raft trips in this area.

Highway 1 is carved into the cliffs of the Fraser Canyon. Follow the river as it rushes between the rocky walls and past Hell's Gate, the narrowest point on the whole Fraser. An air tram descends into the gorge and brings visitors close to the raging white water torrent

At Yale, the canyon opens and the Fraser River spills out into the Fraser Valley. The raging white water becomes a slow, meandering water way for log booms, barges and tugboats. At Hope, both highway #1 and #7 travel through the berry fields and dairy farms of the lower Fraser Valley. Stop at the resort community of Harrison Hot Springs and watch for the mysterious Sasquatch. Westminster Abbey in Mission welcomes visitors. Looking out from the hill, a great view of the Fraser River and its valley unfolds before travelers.

Continue along the highway and return to Vancouver, completing your perimeter tour of Vancouver, its coast, mountains, rivers and canyons.

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