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oakley sunglasses outlet sale In 2008 China' s luxury consumption totaled 8.6 billion US dollars (accounting for 25% of the world), the first time than the United States won the runner- According to Bain 's Global Luxury Market Report, China' s luxury consumption in 2009 reached 9.6 billion US dollars (about 64 billion yuan), which is the largest single luxury brand in China, has more than 100 million Chinese people to buy luxury goods. In 2009, China 's luxury consumption reached 9.6 billion US dollars, Accounting for 27.5% of the global market share. But the information is still not on the Chinese luxury goods to make a complete judgments, in fact, according to the research report , In addition to consumption in the Mainland in 2008, mainland Chinese consumers are still outside the purchase of about 11.6 billion US dollars of luxury goods, The total amount of more than 20 billion US dollars (about 141 billion yuan) in 2009 increased to 155.6 Restaurants, wine, luxury cars and yachts, private aircraft, etc.). Boston Consulting Company discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet the world 's many luxury brands to expand efforts to expand the important market in Europe and the United States market decline, China has become a new earth on the rise of the 'luxury paradise' for the major luxury brands in the global financial crisis sweeping the provision of a safe and comfortable haven. American economist Van Boren in 1899 in His 'leisure class theory,' a book will be the United States at that time the rich consumption is called 'conspicuous consumption.' In his view, in order to win social respect, leisure class members always want to show off their lives to show Their generosity and unique identity. Driven in their business and media, fueled by the impetuous atmosphere of the gas filled, comparisons prevailed, and even affect the low-income members of the consumption patterns and values. China is a developing country with a per capita According to a report released by the World Bank in April this year, according to the international standard of living (RMB 255 yuan per capita) oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet China 's consumption of the poor The number of 254 million Corresponding to this is the 2008 China in the world of luxury goods in the United States surpassed the second, if the luxury of the excessive pursuit of corrosion of social atmosphere, it is possible in The community to form a proud of the atmosphere of luxury, which will be a terrible situation than the natural calamity of the ocean crisis, the pursuit of pleasure like the spirit of this era of peace ** corrosion of people 's minds, the most Valuable human will. The German scholar Sombart, who is known for his research on luxury goods, wrote: 'People waste their income, splurge on their possessions, and luxuries swallow everything like a bottomless pit ...' These words are written one hundred years ago, but now they do not seem to Time. Marco: 'useless' is not accidental human luxury evil Earth, human predatory use of the Earth's resources have been greatly beyond the ability of the Earth can carry, Gandhi has made the essence of the shortage oakley sunglasses factory outlet